Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Zoo with Grandma

Violet has been to the zoo twice since we've been in Arizona, and she has loved it!  She went with her grandma and grandpa LeSueur last week while Glenn and I went to the temple, and then this week my mom, Glenn, and I all went with her.  I would say the highlights for her were the splash pad and the carousel, but she loved seeing the animals too.

(Violet squealed with delight and yelled "up and down!" the whole time on the carousel)

You may have noticed that in most of the pictures from this trip I am either absent, hiding behind Violet , or wearing my sunglasses.  That is because I seem to have had a bad allergic reaction (to Arizona at large apparently) and my eyes looked like this for the first ten days of our trip:
But the good new is, I finally went to the doctor and got some steriods and it fixed the problem in mere hours!  Such a relief, and now I can be in pictures again.


  1. So many pairs of awesome sunglasses in this post. Also, Vi's smile in the traditional zoo picture is ADORABLE! Love her!!!

    1. Thanks Annie! We have been really sunglasses crazy since we got here. Do you think it is possible that even our eyes are getting wimpy from too much time away from AZ?

  2. these pictures are amazing! Your such a beautiful family. btw I used to get a reaction when we visited during orange blossom season.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, when we lived here I always had allergies in the spring, but more just in my sinuses, and this time my eyes were swollen shut when I woke up every morning!

  3. I liked seeing the 'traditional zoo picture' - it is fun to see how Violet has changed. And, good thing you finally listened to your mama on going to the doctor :)