Thursday, April 18, 2013

A date in Payson, AZ

I found a few more pictures from the cabin, so I figured I'd share them before moving on to our time here in Mesa.  Admittedly, we have taken A LOT of pictures since we've been in Mesa, and I'm a little overwhelmed just thinking about sorting through them.

Anyway, on Saturday morning at the cabin, Glenn's parents offered to watch Violet while Glenn and I went on a date!  We drove to Payson, and did the only thing we know of to do on a date in Payson:  went bowling!  We actually both love to bowl, and honestly almost only do it when we are at the cabin.
We got to the bowling alley right when it opened, at 10, and we were literally the only people there.  Like even the sole employee kept going outside to talk on his cell phone, so we really had the whole place to ourselves.  We had a great time; it was one of the best dates we've been on it ages.  And as a cherry on top, I broke 100 on all three games!  I'm the score on top.  You'll notice I beat Glenn on the first game!  
He normally is much, much better than me, so that was a shock.  He made up for the second game.  The scores for the other two games were Glenn: 146 - Afton: 107, and Glenn: 145 - Afton: 123.  (123!!! That is the best score I've ever gotten by far!)

Of course we were happy to see Violet when we got home.  She picked me these flowers!
And she was obsessed with these blocks for basically the rest of the time we were at the cabin.  I don't blame her, they are pretty awesome.

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