Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fun at Grandma and Grandpa LeSueur's house

Our trip is almost over!  We head home in about 5 days.  We spent the first week at the LeSueur's house, and then over the weekend moved over to my parents' house.  We are having a great time here, and I thought I should share the rest of the pictures from last week before we take too many pictures from this week!

Poor, poor Smores.  He is probably so happy we are gone.

This picture shows off the LeSueur's wonderful backyard the Violet played in all day long AND how cool I think the panoramic setting on our new camera is.

Ready for church.

Trying on mom's shoes.

Violet's cousin Ruby came over a few times to play, and Violet was in heaven.  She followed Ruby around copying her all day.  One time I heard Ruby saying in a really quiet, nice voice, "No Violet.  Go away please." and I heard a door shut.  And when I looked out in the hall, Violet was standing like an inch away from the closed bathroom door just waiting for Ruby to come out again.

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