Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bean Burger

I LOVE veggie burgers. But they are expensive. Remember how I have committed to being a vegetarian for the months of June, July, and August, since being a vegetarian for February was such a success? Anyway, the point of this story is that I want to eat veggie burgers all summer long, but I think I should learn how to make my own. My first try was a half success:
They looked good, and tasted good, but did not hold together AT ALL! They were like sloppy veggie burgers. I read a lot of recipes, and then pretty much followed one, with parts of other recipes mixed in.

Bean Burger
- 1 c of mashed black beans
- 1/4 c of oats
- 2 T of BBQ sauce
- half a sauteed chopped onion and 2 sauteed chopped mushrooms
- salt and pepper

I fried one up in a skillet right when I made the mixture. It kind of fell apart in the pan, but then those pieces held up ok in the bun. I froze the other patty. When I fried that one, it held together perfectly and I thought I had succeeded! But when I bit into it, it completely lost its shape and became a huge mess. But both times it tasted good!

So, has anyone ever made meatless burgers that held together well? And will share their secrets with me?


  1. Jacob and i like to make pinto bean burgers. they are so so good, but we sometimes have the same issue. the recipe we use calls for egg (not vegetarian) and bread crumbs. So if you are willing to use a little bit of egg, I think that might help keep it all together. But even ours was still a little flimsy, but it didn't fall to pieces by any means.

    1. Good tip, Holli. Lot's of the recipes included eggs that I read, so I'll try that next time!