Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another picnic/NYR #3

We ate dinner at the park yesterday (again). We are trying to take advantage of all this lovely weather, and Violet sure enjoys herself outdoors!
Remember how I made 4 New Years Resolutions? Well, I have completed 1 and 2, and I later remembered that #4 was learn how to made wheat bread really well, and I've done it three times and it has been better every time, so that one is a work in progress. As for #3...

I am doing a triathalon on May 29th! My official training starts today. I am going to work out at the YMCA with my friend Courtney, who will be doing the race with me! It is a 5k run, 13 mile bike ride, and 175m swim. I could probably do any of those three parts right now, but it is putting it all together that will be a challenge.

Originally, I wanted to do a triathalon that had an open water swim. A friend in my ward does a lot of open water swimming, and offered to go out in the ocean with me a few times to give me some tips. She knows of a well-established triathalon in October, so for now I am planning on doing that one too. This one in May will be good practice for the one in October!


  1. whoohoo! Good job keeping up on your New Years Resolutions! :)

  2. That is SO COOL that you are going to do a triathalon! Also, Violet + apple = the cutest thing in the world

  3. You are tough to contemplate the triathlons - good luck!

  4. you're amazing. my s-i-l chelsea did a tri and did an open water swim in lake powell. she had fun- but open water swimming ads lots of new challenges. you can do it!!!!! and awesome that you have someone to give you some pointers. you inspire me... i think i'll go jogging tomorrow! (: