Monday, April 9, 2012


Here is what Easter looked like around here!
The family all dressed up (yes, we had to take our camera to church and have someone take a picture of us there so we could all be in it):
There was a feast of roasted chicken, squash, and strawberry shortcakes for dessert:
Now here is the real story. This little girl:
look like this for most of the day.
Photo on 2012-04-08 at 07.48
Poor Violet was so sick! I took her to sacrament meeting just so she could wear her easter dress. She started having a fever on Saturday night, and woke up on Sunday so miserable. She wasn't her normal self at all. In that picture where she is laying on Glenn, she is completely awake. She would just lay there on us, moaning occasionally. She seemed to feel better by the evening, but she was so sleepy. We were video chatting with Glenn's family, and she fell asleep right on Glenn's lap!

We put her down for bed at 7, as usual, and now it is 7:07 in the morning, and she is still sleeping! Woo hoo!

p.s. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to... actually I don't want to ruin it if they don't want me to tell anyone yet. But I also don't want them to think I don't care about their news enough to publicly congratulate them. I know you read this blog, and you know who you are, so congratulations!


  1. Ah, her tragic little sick face is so sad! Hope she feels better soon!

    Also, Derek & I heard about the news last night- and CONGRATULATIONS! We're so excited for you!!!!! :) (perhaps that's a bit of an overkill with the exclamation points, but it's so exciting! ;)

    1. Thanks Amanda! We are excited and I don't think the exclamation points are overkill :)

  2. Little Violet looks miserable - I hope she is better today.