Friday, April 13, 2012


Wish Glenn luck! Today he has his last final of the semester. I think this one is the hardest. He gets a case study, and then has 24 hours to create a research project and presentation. So yesterday he got the cases study, and he has been working like crazy and gives the presentation this morning. It is stressful because he feels like he has to work constantly for that 24 hours to make sure his presentation is as good as it can be. I made the posters! Glenn thinks I have better hand writing than him, so I did it last time too, and he got 100% on that presentation. We figured we should do everything the same this time!
We leave for Arizona tomorrow morning! I have always failed miserably at blogging while we are home for the break. This time I really am going to try. But to make it easy, I am just going to post ONE picture a day so you can keep track of what we are up to!