Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Other Baby

Last fall, my mom sent me a packet of basil seeds. When I was pretty sure it wasn't going to freeze around here anymore, I planted them and ever since have been tending them with the greatest care.
And guess what I found on Sunday?? A sprout! My first seed had germinated, right within the time window suggested on the back of the seed packet. Now I have a whole pot full of seedlings. Look closer:
I am already dreaming of gallons of pesto this summer. The back of the seed packet also said that when the seedlings are a few inches tall, I have to pull some out so there are a few inches between each seedling. It is going to break my heart when I have to do it. Let's just hope I don't kill them all before that. I definitely don't have a green thumb!
basil pot

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  1. And those are nice calla lilies by your back steps too! Yay for the basil growing :)