Monday, April 2, 2012

Tennis again!

Last Friday, Glenn noticed there was another tennis match at USC, but it was during his class. It was a beautiful day though, so Violet and I decided to go anyway! We biked over, and sat in the stands and watched the doubles matches. The weather was so nice!
It turned out there was a special offer that day, and the first 100 USC fans got a free grilled cheese from a food truck after doubles! We were leaving after doubles anyway, so I got the sandwich and ate it in the grass near the courts. Violet helped me eat a little of the bread, and mostly enjoyed crawling around in the nice soft grass.
(the sandwich was just white bread with kraft cheese in the middle, but I was starving, it was grilled perfectly, and so it tasted wonderful!)

It was so sunny, and we were gone a long time, so I could tell Violet was getting pretty tired by the time we left. She grunted in her seat most the way home, and then suddenly flopped forward. I thought she was just being weird, like looking at the bike really closely, but then I realized she was sleeping! I had to hold her up by her helmet while she slept the rest of the way home!

A closer look:


  1. So cute! She must have inherited the Wagner ability to sleep anywhere :)

  2. And that is a good talent to have :)

  3. This is the best blog post you've ever done!

    1. Because Violet's face is in every picture?