Thursday, October 20, 2011

Violet goes to Disneyland

(We saw Mickey, Jasmine, and the evil step sisters, but this is who I managed to get a picture of Violet with!)

Last week I had the pleasure to hang out at Disneyland with my wonderful cousin Desi and her family! I feel so lucky whenever Desi is around. She makes everything more fun! And her kids are pretty cute too.

When we moved (they live in Arizona) I thought Benjamin was so big. He is two months older than Violet. When I saw him last week, I couldn't believe how small he was! Violet was almost as big as him! I guess when he is not sitting next to a newborn he looks normal sized. Isn't he beautiful?
Sorry, no pictures of Natalie, who is also exceptionally cute. In fact, we weren't great at taking pictures. I didn't take any, and these are the only ones Desi took! I need to start taking my camera places! We took turns watching the kids for a few rides, and I got to ride Indiana Jones and Thunder Mountain, my two favorites! Also, once while Kevin and Desi were on a ride, all three kids were crying at the top of their lungs and a stranger stopped and made me let them hold Benjamin. She was super nice though, and didn't kidnap him.
We were beat by the end of the day. Violet and I actually left by 3:30 because we were so tired. Has anyone ever seen "Captain EO"? Definitely the funniest/weirdest thing I've ever seen at Disneyland.

Ten points if you can guess what is in this bag! We discovered a wonderful place yesterday!


  1. All those picture are SO CUTE! I wish Natalie was in some, though. The last one of Violet looking really tired is probably my favorite.

  2. oh man. i LOVE captain EO. i bought the shirt and everything. haha. and i love love love disneyland!

  3. Violet does not look super excited to be at Disneyland . . .

    The bag guess: Panaderia? Bread?