Monday, October 31, 2011

Violet doesn't sleep anymore

Remember how once in a while, Violet used to sleep like ten or eleven hours at a time? But most nights she slept about eight hours, and after I fed her would go back to sleep for a few more hours?

Not anymore.

For the past month she has woken up an average of four times a night. It just happened all of the sudden! Two months of wonderful sleeping habits, then one night she woke up a bunch and has been doing it ever since! She wakes up once before midnight, once around two, again around five, then at six thirty, then at seven thirty she wakes up for good.

I know there is nothing any of you can do. I just wanted to tell you so you can feel sorry for me.
(She is still cute. This is the picture she left for her Uncle Chris on his facebook wall this weekend!)


  1. aw man!!! Someone told me the book Babywise saved her life. Its all about getting baby to sleep through the night....Are you coming home for thanksgiving????

  2. Sleeping is a good talent to have - I hope Violet remembers how to do it.

  3. my babies start doing that when they begin teething or when they have a growth spurt and need more food. You can't really do anything for the teething but more food never hurts :) Hope it gets better! I am a zoombie mom until they sleep through the night.