Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Biga is Fermenting

Afton: I wish you could come home so I could show you my biga.
Glenn: You know I would love to see your biga.
(The first of many obscene sounding conversations Glenn and I had yesterday after realizing "biga" is a funny word.)

A biga is just the starter for the ciabatta that I am working on. I told you it is a two day process! The fermented biga is what gives ciabatta bread and sourdough bread their tanginess. Today is the second day, and soon I will get to put it in the oven!
Maybe tomorrow I will have pictures of golden, perfect ciabatta loaves to show you instead of gooey biga.

And because no post is complete without a picture of cute Violet:
(she looks like a pirate with that earring, right? We tried to get a picture with her flower headband covering her eye like an eyepatch, but she wasn't having it.)


  1. She's so beautiful! Even as a pirate.

  2. AFTON! I am so impressed you are making ciabatta bread! yummy! Also, are you and courtney going vegan??? I tried it for 2 weeks and must say, have never felt better. But i couldn't do it forever.

  3. KIM! I miss you! No, we are not going vegan. I just love vegetarian food/recipes, and i try to make them a couple times a week for Glenn and I. Courtney is marrying a vegetarian in January!

  4. You are totally in church in the pirate picture and I know you aren't paying attention at all