Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another shoe!

I made another shoe for Violet, and this one was much more successful. It totally fits her! (It also was a WAY easier pattern.) I only had blue and white yarn, so I made a flower for the toe so they would look like girl shoes.
blue shoe

Also, Violet has a patch of longer hair on the back of her head:
Today Glenn said, "We should style her patch of hair. Like put a bow in it."
Haha, how funny would that look?


  1. The shoe was more successful - and don't you love Violet's look as she inspects it?

  2. Why are the photos of her looking at her feet so darn cute?

  3. She loves the sock! She's admiring it with her gaze!

  4. oooo oo ooo. Send me that pattern!