Thursday, October 6, 2011

LA Central Public Library

A few days ago I decided I needed to figure out where the library was around here. I learned that we are closest to the "LA Central Public Library" and yesterday I went! (sidenote: I only paid $1 for parking! hallelujah for not making a parking mistake!)

It was the COOLEST LIBRARY EVER! See for yourself:
(This lobby is amazing, but this picture doesn't do it justice. Those are beautiful sculptures hanging from the ceiling.)
(This library has more than just books. In fact, it took me a while to find the books. On each of the four sides of this big hall, there is an art gallery. Like this one:)
(I did finally find the books. I am getting a couple on crocheting, because my second shoe turned out really dumb looking.)

And the best part of the library:
The children's section. It was SO beautiful!

I reserved a few books, but we are going back today because I need to bring a piece of mail in order to get my library card. I was so amazed by this library, I had a big smile on my face the whole time I was walking around. Glenn doesn't have school today, so he is coming with me today! Basically, if you ever come visit us in LA, I am going to take you here. Definitely the coolest thing I've seen in LA so far!


  1. So cool! Have you looked at youtube for crocheting help? I have fixed a lot of my troubles by some of the tutorials I found on the site.

  2. That library is amazing - and I want to go to it. Definitely a good choice for a rainy day (or any other day).

  3. This is a good post except that there are no photos of Violet.