Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Violet slept in until 8 o clock this morning!  It was so awesome.  She still hasn't quite adjusted to the time change with daylight savings, which is why she has been sleeping in the last couple of days.  I think she will be back on track by tomorrow, but it sure was nice getting to sleep in! 

We went to the park all morning, and Violet played with her friends Hannah and Sofia.  I should have taken a picture, because they are very cute together, but I forgot.

During Violet's nap, I made our lasagna that we had for dinner.  

After Violet's nap, she ate every last bit of cottage cheese for her snack.

After that, we went to Moscatel's (the craft store downtown) and got some things for Easter.  Violet was in love with the display of fountains, and stood in front of them repeating, "water!" for a good five minutes before I dragged her away.

Since Violet slept in so late, I didn't have time for a run (before my hunger won out and I ate breakfast and therefore could not go running, obviously).  So this afternoon, when we still had a couple of hours before Glenn was due home, we went running.  All the trees are in bloom here, and so beautiful, so I stopped to take a picture of one for you.


  1. This was a good post except for none of the pictures of Violet show her face. What kind of tease are you? Also, your lasagna looks like a salad.

    1. Very funny. It was just the beginning of the lasagna!

  2. I like hearing about your day!