Wednesday, March 13, 2013


(You guys, I tried so hard to stick to my goal of posting every day this week, but technical difficulties kept me from posting this yesterday.  I wrote it yesterday, though, so I say it still counts)

I took pictures of everything again today!  My goal is to post every day this week even if nothing cool happens, so here it goes.

We colored this morning, as usual.
Violet insisted that I display her picture on the wall:
We went to story time.
At story time, Violet participated in the flannel board story!  She is usually so shy at story time, and today she wan't at all!  You can see her putting her flannel sheep on the board in this picture:
She also ran up to the front for the last song, If You're Happy and You Know it.  She did every single action, but my phone only videos 5 seconds at a time, so you'll have to just take my word for it that she was "wagging her tail".  You can kind of see it at the beginning.

While we were waiting for Glenn to get home, we did sidewalk chalk.
Dumplings for dinner!
You guys.  They were SO GOOD.

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  1. Nice dishes :) I am so proud they got on your blog!