Friday, February 22, 2013

Vegetarian Month - Week 3

I almost forgot to post this even though I said I would yesterday!  We are so busy having fun!  I love having my family here.

Here is how week 3 went down:

Sunday:  Jamaican Shepherd's Pie (from Veganomicon)
I made this once before, and posted about it.  As I had supposed in that post, it was much better with regular old mashed potatoes instead on manioc root.

Monday:  Chili (from Fresh and Green Table).  
We forgot to take a picture til it was almost gone, but here is what we got.  It was delicious!
In the bowl
in the pot

Tuesday:  Rice Noodles in Curry Sauce + Veggies (no recipe)
This wasn't as good as I wanted it to be.  I took the lazy route and bought a prepared curry sauce, and it didn't have very good flavor.  Oh well.  Now I know to just always make the sauce from scratch.

Wednesday:  Bean burritos
These were exactly like the burritos we had in week 1, but I crisped them up in the skillet before we ate them, and it made them awesome.

Thursday:  Seven Treasure Tart
We ate this with my family this time, and they loved it! I'm so mad at myself for not taking another picture, because this one was way prettier than the last one.

We had pizza tonight, of course.  One week left!

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