Friday, February 8, 2013

Vegetarian Month - Week 1

So vegetarian month is going great!  You know, last year when we did this, it was pretty hard work.  I was trying all these new recipes, and some were good but some weren't.  But since we have continued to cook mostly vegetarian meals since last February, it hasn't been much of a switch to do it again.  I have actually only tried one new recipe so far!  

Here is an overview of this last week.  Tonight, I'm just making pizza, so I figured I could leave that out.  

Monday - Black Bean Soup
This is the new recipe I tried!  I didn't think one black bean soup could be much better than any other black bean soup, but this one was so good.  Glenn even loved it, and he usually loves neither soup nor beans.

Tuesday - Baked Pasta
Penne with tomato sauce, broccoli, and zucchini.  There is no recipe; it's pretty hard to mess up pasta.  Pasta is seriously the easiest thing to make vegetarian and have it be really good still.

Wednesday - Seven Treasure Tart
I have made this several times now, and we love it.  It is from my current favorite cookbook.  Basically it is a bunch of winter vegetables and feta cheese wrapped up in pastry dough.

Thursday - Bean burritos
Seriously, the ugliest picture ever, but I'd decided to take pictures of dinner all week, so I wanted to follow through.  Violet liked these, and ate one all by herself, and wanted more!

Update:  By popular demand (aka Annie asked), I am adding the picture of the pizza we ate tonight.
The sauce was the rest of this amazing tomato-garlic dip I got at the farmers market yesterday. We ate most of it for lunch with pitas yesterday, but there was a little left that we used for this pizza.  Other than that, it is just mozzerella, spinach, and a little bit of feta!  Delicious!


  1. that treasure tart looks sooo good! I might have to buy that cookbook. p.s. you should link any of the recipes that you find online. I want to try a vegetarian challenge!

  2. Ok, I'll try to post the links from now on! Here is the one for the black bean soup:

    Instead of the bacon, I added a little bit of liquid smoke, which made it so good! (of course, bacon would be delish too, but not... vegetarian...) Also, I pureed some of the beans at the end to make the soup a little creamy.

  3. These all look so delicious! You inspired me and I'm having a bean burrito for lunch. :)

  4. I'm curious- what'd you put on tonight's pizza?

  5. That seven treasure thing looks amazing - and will you please make that next time you are here?