Monday, February 11, 2013

Lacrosse Game

There was a free USC women's lacrosse game on Saturday, so we went!  The coolest thing about it was that it was in the Coliseum!
The least cool thing about it was that USC lost like 18-5 or something.  But we still had fun!  We parked in our church parking lot, and then still had quite a walk over there, but it was a nice day.  I actually enjoyed watching the game more than I thought I would.   The funny thing about the following picture is that Violet actually had a great time, and was never bored or antsy the whole time, but she was very mad about having to pose for this picture:


  1. I'm kind of jealous your husband is going to grad school at a school that has intercollegiate sports. Kenny's school has intramurals, but ATSU doesn't have a women's lacrosse team or a quidditch team or any teams at all! I'm also jealous you have nice weather in February, but that's a different story.

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  3. You guys should use the last picture as a recruiting poster for babysitters. "I want YOU to babysit Violet!"

  4. Even thought Violet looks sad and mad in that picture, you (Afton) look super awesome.

    1. Thanks COurtney, I was hoping you would notice :)

  5. If the last picture was a postcard the caption could be: We are having a great time. Wish you were here!