Friday, January 4, 2013

New Years Resolutions 2013

I have made my New Years Resolutions for 2013!  But before I tell you them, let's review how I did last year:

2012 Resolutions

1.  Be a vegetarian for February - CHECK, I loved it!

2.  Start a book club in my ward - CHECK, it has happened every month since last January and has been awesome!

3.  Do a triathalon - FAIL.  I really tried though!  I got injured in April a couple of weeks before I was supposed to do one, and then tried to sign up too late for the one in September.

4.  Get good at making wheat bread - check... I made wheat bread once a month from January to May, and then fell off the wagon.  I got really good at making pizza dough though!

One thing that is important to me when making New Years Resolutions/any goal is for it to be measurable.  I am always bewildered when I see people's Resolutions (and everyone is posting them right now on their blogs so I've seen a lot lately) and they are things like "Be less busy this year" or "Be more productive this year."  How do you ever know if you've accomplished it?  Anyway, here are my new Resolutions:

2013 New Years Resolutions

1.  Be a vegetarian for February! - I loved this one so much last year I am doing it again!

2.  Write in my journal every day of the year.

That second one is so big I decided to just settle on making those two.  Well, Glenn and I also came up with one for each other, so my third one, from Glenn is:

3. Read 50 books, and cookbooks don't count.

Here's to a great 2013!
(We got family pictures with my whole family on Christmas Eve!  Here is a sneak peek; I will share the rest on Monday!)


  1. love these. i did daily journal writing last year, and it was probably the best decision ever. I stayed with it (minus maybe a few days out of the year) and now I can't stop!

    I'm thinking about doing a vegetarian challenge as well...

    1. I hope I can stick with it! I have done a month at a time, but never a whole year...

      You should totally do the vegetarian challenge! The trick to it plan every meal, even lunch and breakfast.

  2. Those are two beautiful girls I love!