Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Violet and her cousins

We are heading home to CA today!  It was been a wonderful vacation, but we are just about ready to get back to real life.  I still have Christmas eve and New Years Eve pictures to share with you, but I will do those later.  Today, here is a recap of some of the fun Vi had with her cousins this year!  (ps.  Cheeri, we need to be better at taking pictures.  No pics of Violet with her Redd cousins!)

I'll start with my favorite picture from last night.  My Aunt Judy's family had dinner with us, and my 3 cousins all have little girls, and Kenny and both have little girls.  Prepare yourself for the cutest picture ever.  Behold:
another one because I can't help it:
(from left to right:  Deborah, Violet, Emma, Davi, and Maggie)

Also, Violet and Emma ate together on the piano bench, and we could resist snapping a few pictures:

Earlier in our trip, Violet and Maggie met for the first time!

Violet liked Benson as long as Grandma wasn't holding him :)  Actually, she felt the same way about Maggie.

We love our family, and I'm sure we will be looking forward to our next trip home as soon as we get back to California!

(Update!  Cheeri, I found one!  Violet's older cousins helped her learn to use her hockey stick on Christmas day.)
(Mason, Ruby, and Audrey)

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  1. Cute Pics! Yeah, I seriously suck at taking pictures these days.