Monday, January 21, 2013

Nursery: A Success

Yesterday was Violet's second day of nursery.  So far, she has been great!  Last week, I stayed in there with her for the first hour, and when I left, they said she cried for a couple of minutes, and then was fine the rest of the time.  Yesterday, I stayed for the first 15 minutes, and she didn't even cry when I left!

One of my happiest and proudest moments as a parent so far (I know that sounds dramatic, but it is true!) was coming into nursery yesterday at the end of church.  Violet was all smiles, sitting in her chair while they sang songs, and when they said the closing prayer she folded her arms along with everyone else.  I can't believe how independent and smart and good she is!  

Here are some pictures we got of her last week, on her first day of nursery! 
(Violet and her friend Hannah.  I think the reason Violet has taken to nursery so easily is because she is already friends with the other 4 kids in there.  Also, these pictures were staged.  We forgot to take pictures during church, so when we were back at church that evening, and Violet was still in her church clothes, we got the pictures.  But that is why Hannah isn't in her church clothes.)


  1. Good job Afton. You guys are such good parents it's no surprise she did so well. It's a great milestone!

  2. Cute pictures!! Violet looks a little worried in the second one down, haha.

  3. Shoot - this is me, Judson must be signed into his blog. I don't know how to delete comments.