Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Eve

I already shared the cutest pictures of New Years Eve, but here is a little recap of how it went:  We had dinner at my parents house with my Aunt Judy's family, we played reverse charades (omg, you should have seen us all acting out the barn dance scene from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers), and then had oliebollen (the best doughnuts ever!) at Glenn's parents house and rang in the new year there.  I wish I pictures to show you of us banging pots and pans on the street!  Glenn was the most enthusiastic pot banger.

My favorite people (most of them)!
(Top row: Amanda, Derek, Justin, Roni, Riki, John
Bottom row:  Annie, Kenny, me, Glenn, Courtney, Judson (looking fabulous, btw)
And because I can't help it, here is the cutest picture in the world again:

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