Monday, March 5, 2012

The seat

I promise we only went a few feet down the sidewalk with her in the seat with NO helmet! We just wanted to give it a little try, and Violet seemed to really enjoy herself! Unfortunately, the bike is now retired until her helmet comes in the mail. Well, I did ride it to institute today, but Violet wasn't in it.

p.s. Something bad has happened. You may remember that for about ten years of my life I teased my hair A LOT. And I was kind of addicted. Then, because my hair was so broken and awful from all the teasing I finally stopped. And for the last eight months my hair has been flat and ugly, but healthy at least. Then yesterday on a whim I teased my hair for church, and like 10 people told me my hair looked pretty! So now I'm hooked again. I teased again today and I'm pretty sure it is going to continue indefinitely.


  1. Is that big flat part of the bike seat a face pad? Just in case you have to stop fast she can mash her face on that instead of the handle bars. Right?

  2. Yeah, I guess! I saw a picture of a kid asleep in this kind of seat with his face resting on that big flat part.

  3. I saw a kid riding in a bike seat just like this one today when I was on a run! I thought of you immediately, of course. I love that she can go around town with you! I'm jealous!