Monday, March 26, 2012


Getting Violet to eat anything (besides breast milk) has been a challenge. She just doesn't love any of the baby foods enough to keep her attention long enough to eat more than a few bites. In the past, when we've tried to feed her pieces of solid food, she would gag on it. But yesterday everything changed! At our ward dinner, she ate a few beans! It was the first food she has ever chewed and swallowed. Then today at lunch she ate every piece of avocado out of my salad! Maybe she won't be a picky eater after all! When she had finished all the avocado, I gave her all the yolks of hard-boiled eggs, and she loved those too.
(This picture was taken long before we had any success getting her to eat anything.)

I'm so excited she is finally figuring out how to eat some real food. Now we can bring her some snacks to church, and maybe even get through the whole three hours without having to nurse her. Which would be awesome because it is going to be absolutely impossible to nurse her in my easter dress.


  1. haha, yes I think you would have to strip down to nurse her - you might get a few weird looks in the mother's lounge :) It's a really cute dress so it would be worth it! Violet is such a doll. Such big eyes!

  2. yay vi!!

    i love your easter dress.

  3. Ha! You're definitely right. ;) I clicked on your easter dress - super cute by the way - but there's NO way from the top OR bottom that you could nurse in it. ;)

    Congrats on your 5 miles by the way! And good job Violet for being so calm the whole time. :) She looks like she loves to study things. Very cute.

  4. Amanda, that is a good way to describe her - "likes to study things". She is always studying!