Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2 New Things

New thing #1: I hearby excuse myself from posting when Violet wakes up four or more times the night before. Which is why I didn't post yesterday.

New thing #2: I miss being a vegetarian. During February, I rarely craved meat, and I loved all the food I was eating, but as soon as it was March I went back to eating like I used to. We don't eat a lot of meat, but usually a little at dinner in a stir-fry, pasta, or on a pizza. Here is the thing: I feel like I eat meat for two reasons. 1. It makes cooking easier, because I don't have to be creative and come up with good tasting-vegetarian meals and 2. Meat tastes good, although my diet is significantly less healthy when I'm eating meat. So if you think about it, I eat meat because I am lazy and I'm a glutton.

I've just started reading this blog: No Meat Athlete. I read an article about how to transition from omnivorism to vegetarianism, and I have been inspired. It talks a lot about making the transition gradually. I know I'm not ready to commit to a lifetime of no meat, but it was easy to commit to being meat-free for February. Anyway, the point is I have decided that I want to be a vegetarian this summer. Doesn't the Word of Wisdom say something about eating meat in the winter and not in the summer anyway? So for June, July, and August, you won't find meat around here! I will use these next couple of months to prepare.

Now, because my sister will complain if I don't post a picture of Vi:


  1. I would complain too :)
    Violet has teeth!
    and 'no excuses' - take on Nike's motto!

  2. no meat all summer!? what about bbq's?! summer screams bbqing! you are a better woman than i dear...

  3. you're a flexitarian!

    {i think violet is becoming full blown lesueur! can't believe how big she's getting.}

  4. What a crazy nut! I will see her the day after tomorrow!