Friday, March 16, 2012

Farmers' Market again

I haven't been to any of the farmers' markets for a few weeks, so Violet and I went to my favorite one downtown yesterday. We rode the bike! It is funny riding with her, because when people see me, they don't notice her at first, and then when they do, they exclaim, "OH, HOW CUTE!" when I'm already a little past them. And riding through downtown you pass a lot of people on the sidewalk, and literally about half of the people do this. It was pretty funny. As I've mentioned before, people here are all so nice!

There was a new vendor at the market this week:
Cool, huh? There were probably 100 different spices! I really wanted to buy a couple, but I only had two dollars to spend. (Incidentally, I only spent one of those dollars. I got the biggest carrot you've ever seen and some kale.) The ones I probably would have bought had my funds allowed it were tumeric and tikka masala. There was also some really pretty pink himalayan sea salt! Fancy!

Also, Glenn and I went on a date last night! Last week at church, the relief society teacher taught about service, and at the end of the lesson we all had to write on a piece of paper a service we needed done for us. Of course, I put babysitting. Then we all drew a paper and got to do that service for someone! So a girl from my ward came over tonight and watched Violet. We went to a restaurant in Chinatown that my friend told me was really good called Yang Chow. She also told us that the slippery shrimp was amazing. I know, such an unappetizing name, but it was delicious! Glenn said it was the best shrimp he has ever had in his life.

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