Friday, August 30, 2013

Still in AZ: Jumpstreet and a dance class!

Our time in AZ this break is coming to an end!  We are still having a great time, but are also just about ready to be back in our routine.  One fun thing we did last week was go to Jumpstreet, land of bouncy castles and trampolines.  Violet loved it!  We loved that it only cost $4 for her to get in, and Glenn and I "had" to accompany her on everything but didn't have to pay for admittance.  We had at least as much fun as she did!
These slides are twenty feet high, and Violet climbed to the top by herself, no problem!  She definitely needed us to go down with her, but I don't blame her.  They were pretty fast!  After my second or third ride down, I told Glenn he needed to go with her, because I was too scared to go again.

Violet liked the bouncy houses the most, but also had fun on the trampolines.  

My cousins Riki and Roni were there with their little girls, Davi and Emma.  The girls didn't play much together on the trampolines or castles, but when we hung out in the arcade, they did some racing together :).

And some dancing:

I feel like places like these are a necessity in AZ because it is too hot for six months to ever go to the park.  At home, I take Violet to the park at least a couple of times a week, so I would really have trouble keeping us entertained if we lived here in the summer!

This week, probably my favorite thing we did was take Violet to a dance class.  One of my best friends, Kali, teaches a toddler dance class and she invited Violet to come try it out.  By the way, as you can tell from the pictures, Kali is having a baby in like a week, and was still jumping around with those toddlers like a champ!

And now, for more pictures than you probably ever cared to see of Violet in dance class... (they were so cute, I couldn't leave any out!)

Violet was the youngest one there, and before the class, I was really nervous that Violet wouldn't follow directions, or just be too shy to do anything, or cry when we left her in there.  Well, I shouldn't have worried!  She did everything Kali told her to, and loved every second of it!  I think her favorite part was the "tumbling" at the end, when they somersaulted across a mat.

I'll post the last of our AZ pictures soon.  We'll be back in California on Monday!


  1. that looks so fun, the dance class and the bouncy castle. What fun parents you are

  2. What? You won't be back this Sunday?? :(

    1. I know! I'm most excited to get back to our ward! Violet tells me every morning now that she has a dream about Julia! (I guess occasionally she still says Hannah and Sofia... But since we've been in AZ, it has been Julia!)

  3. This looks so fun! I'm sad we missed your AZ trip this year. But we will be there for Christmas and will have to get together! I want to do a music class for all our kids:)