Saturday, August 10, 2013

Today in Santa Barbara

We spent today in Santa Barbara with Glenn's parents!  We had a great time.  They were there for the weekend for a dentist class, and it is only an hour and a half drive there for us.  We went last year when they were there too, but this time we stayed all day and saw a lot!

First, we went to the Botanical Gardens.  They were beautiful, and the weather was perfect, and Violet loved hiking and exploring.  She was also very good at identifying and warning us about poison oak!  Here she is in the desert portion of the gardens with her grandma:
The part Glenn was excited for was the Redwood portion, and we weren't disappointed!  Those trees were big!

We had lunch at a seafood restaurant that is right on the edge of the marina, and the view was beautiful.  And our food was delicious!  I'm still thinking about the clam chowder!

In the afternoon, we got ice cream on the main street of downtown, and also shopped in a ton of stores. Violet came home with new shoes, a new shirt, new hair bows, a stuffed turtle named Myrtle, and a new book that we read several times before bed tonight!  She is a lucky girl!  Not to mention this giant ice cream cone she at all by herself...


  1. Looks like lots of fun!! By the way...I like Glenns' glasses. I'm amazed you got him to wear them!!

    1. He is having trouble with his contacts lately, so he has actually been wearing them a lot! I love it! But I feel bad about the eye problems, of course...

      He wore them to church the other day, and like every single person made a comment about them, which made me cringe, because that is exactly what embarrasses him and why he doesn't wear them!

    2. But it is fine that you and Annie mentioned it here of course! Not embarrassing.

  2. That ice cream cone is almost as big as Violet! Lucky girl. Wish we could play with you guys in AZ right now. Have fun without us anyway! I am also surprised Glenn wore his glasses out of the house and even stood for having his picture taken while wearing them! It's a good look for him, though.