Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hanging out with Benson in AZ

Almost through all my AZ pics!  

One of the fun things about staying at Glenn's parents' house was that Violet's cousin Benson was there all the time!  Ben and Lauri lived with Glenn's parents' for the summer, and about halfway through the week that we stayed there, they moved to Seattle.  However, they left Benson there for three days while they drove their moving truck to Seattle and then flew down to get Benson, so Benson was there practically the whole time we were!  

They had fun playing together, and interacted more and more the longer we were there.  On Thursday, after Ben and Lauri left, Glenn and I babysat Benson for the whole day.  We got a taste for what it's like to have two kids!  And the first time we drove somewhere, Violet wasn't strapped into her car seat the whole time and we didn't even notice, so apparently we need some practice...

We went to the mall for "kid's club".  First, there were some songs and stories for the kids to listen to.
There was a person dressed up as a squirrel for this, and Violet was (understandably) wary of that creature.  She didn't let him out of her sight for one second, which is why she isn't looking in this picture.

The best part of Kid's Club was that they got to ride the carousel for free!  Violet loves carousels, and it seemed like Benson had a good time too!

(Don't worry, Lauri.  Despite what this picture may otherwise suggest, Glenn was sober the whole time)

After Kid's Club, we met my mom for lunch at Spinato's, a pizza place by her work.  Glenn and I were struck by how much easier it is to take care of a kid at a restaurant when they like to eat (Benson) than when they don't (Violet). 

That afternoon, I found Violet and Benson playing in the back bedroom in the bookcase.  Glenn ran in a little too late with the camera, but you can still basically see what they were up to.  Benson was "hiding" in the bottom shelf, so Violet climbed up and "hid" right above him.  They were pretty pleased with themselves when I found them!


  1. I would be wary of someone dressed like a squirrel too Violet. Glad you kept an eye on them.