Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nature Lab

On Friday, Violet and I went to the Natural History Museum, which is something we do all the time and I have posted about it several times.  However, they just opened a new exhibit, and we went in for the first time on Friday.  

It is called the Nature Lab, and we loved it!  There were tons of tanks of live animals, as well as lots of preserved animals.  There were also quite a few interactive exhibits, and some cool tv screens, like one that looked like a hole in the ceiling where you could see bats nesting.  Also, you could tell that they had paid a lot of attention to the aesthetics of the space, and it paid off.  It was so beautiful;  all white and tons of windows, and even the tanks and aquariums were beautiful.
(I think this is the newt tank, or maybe the turtles)

(looking at the rattlesnakes)

(This was an interactive exhibit, where you could trace plants on a lit-up screen.  Violet is watching another girl do it in this picture, but she tried it too.)

You could also go out into this huge glass room where a skeleton of some giant marine reptile (or maybe a whale?  I couldn't tell) is hanging from the ceiling.  Violet was understandably impressed.

From there, you can walk out into the brand new garden, where there are some really cool things to see.  I just got this one picture of Violet there; she is listening to the water that is underground, moving through the roots of the plants.  

Besides watching the dinosaur show, we spent all of our time at the museum that day in this new exhibit.  

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  1. Wow! That was an educational day for Violet, good job Afton!