Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Cutest Harry Potter Fan

Violet loves to watch the Harry Potter movies with us, and is so funny about knowing all the characters names and things.  Today when she was watching a scene with Glenn that Ron wasn't in, she asked him about every 30 seconds, "Where'd Ron go?".  She also loves to point out Hermione whenever she is on the screen, because she knows they share a name! Glenn took this video of Violet using her wand the other day.  Enjoy!

P.s.  I've always hated how in a couple of the movies, like 3 and 4, the director really emphasized a physical relationship between Harry and Hermione.   It made everyone who hadn't read the books think that Harry and Hermione ended up having some sort of romance.  Anyway, now I have proof that there was too much touching between those two, based on how often Violet says, "Harry and Hermione kissing?", and we answer, "No, Hermione is just scared."


  1. I could totally tell she was saying reducto! I am so proud of myself for knowing Violet-speak. I also like how she says "My-nee" for Hermione. That girl can cast a good spell. I'm so proud to be her aunt!

  2. Oh my cuteness!! She must have been very impressed at Ginny's magic skills. ;)

  3. I TOTALLY understood her! That was so awesome!

  4. There is a lot more to magic, as Violet will quickly find out, than waving a wand and saying a few funny words. Are you all impressed with my quote :)

    1. Oh my gosh mom, SO IMPRESSED! I didn't know you had it in you!

  5. After all this time? Always have a quote!