Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Opera

We went to the Opera last night!  A girl from our ward is in USC's production of The Tempest, and got tickets for us!  Another girl in our ward agreed to babysit, so last night we got to go on a nice long date (operas=long).
(Waiting for the opera to start)

This opera is the same words as the Shakespeare play, but set to music.  However, they did leave out some lines, including one of my favorites!  But it was still excellent.  The music was especially amazing in the last scene.  

I'm so grateful for the two girls in our ward that made it possible for us to go, and I'm also grateful that Glenn is such a good sport!  I wouldn't say that operas are really something he is interested in (at all), but he had a good time and said he enjoyed it.  


  1. Replies
    1. When Prospero is telling the long story of why they came to the island to Miranda towards the beginning, he keeps pausing to make sure she is listening, and finally she says, "Your tale could cure deafness". That whole part is funny, and they didn't include much of that section.

  2. I took Dad to an opera once and he made me leave early - some lame excuse about he didn't feel well.