Friday, November 9, 2012

Our first trip to the flower district

Glenn's parents are coming today!  And Glenn's birthday is tomorrow, which is the reason for their trip.    I thought it would look festive to have flowers this weekend, so yesterday Violet and I ventured into the flower district!

It is always a little stressful to explore a new place downtown, because you never know what parking is going to be like, or exactly where anything is.  But this trip went perfectly!  We found a good parking spot and a really big flower market you could enter for free.  

It was so fun to see all the different kinds of flowers, and we found exactly what we wanted: bright yellow marigolds!  I figured Terri is the only one who will appreciate the flowers, besides me, and yellow is her favorite color.  

The best part is, they were so inexpensive!  Only $1.50 a bunch, so we bought two bunches.  Thus, we have an elephantine flower arrangement on our table.  Seriously, it is as tall as about one and a half Violets.  Also, I tried to arrange them, but they look pretty lopsided.  But sometimes your mom isn't there to arrange flowers for you, and you just have to do your best!
They smell so good and are so bright, they make me happy every time I see them!


  1. I'm so jealous...I wish we had a flower market!

  2. Looks like Vi is enjoying the flowers! Happy pre-birthday to Glenn!

  3. I think the flowers look perfect!