Tuesday, November 27, 2012

bugs, cheese, and more

(just helping her old man with the dishes)

Have I mentioned lately how smart our little person is getting lately?  In fact, Violet said her first phrase a couple of days ago.  It was, appropriately, "I want cheese".

Yesterday, I heard Violet in her bedroom yelling, "BUG!... BUG!...BUG!" and sure enough, when I went in there, she was enthusiastically pointing at a nice big cockroach on the wall.

Other new words she has been saying lately:  moon, knee, airplane, tweet tweet, plus about 20 others.  Glenn and I are going to sit down together soon and make a list for her scrapbook.  Everyday we put it off, that task gets a little harder!  I seriously think Violet has learned at least one new word a day for the past 6 weeks.  It is amazing to get to watch her learn so fast!


  1. Violet is a smarty pants :)
    I am glad she knows enough to know to watch out for bugs too.

  2. I love when they start just pouring out with words. It is so great! When Natalie started noticing bugs she would say, "icky, icky, icky". I'm sure she learned that from Kevin. :)

  3. What did you do about the bug? Also, that was a good post.