Friday, November 23, 2012


Our Thanksgiving was wonderful.  On Tuesday when Glenn finished with school for the week, he mentioned, "Do you realize we could be driving home right now and we'd be there for 5 whole days before we had to come back," I started to be a little sad about our decision to stick around here for Thanksgiving.

But we had such a great time yesterday, and now it will just be even more fun to go home for Christmas (by the way, our Christmas break starts in TWO weeks!!).  We had dinner at our church building, and we ended up having 30 people there for dinner!  Everyone brought something (or five things!) and we had SO MUCH FOOD.  

(I cooked and carved the turkeys.  I wish you could just admire my excellent carving job in this picture, but we didn't take the picture until half of the turkey was gone.)

There were quite a few kids there, and Violet played with them all day long.  We were there for about 5 hours, and I barely saw Violet (besides checking on her occasionally to make sure she was still there, of course).

I am thankful for Glenn, Violet, my health, their health, our big loving families, our ward here in Los Angeles, that Glenn is doing so well in school and enjoying it so much, my computer, the weather here in CA, that my turkey wasn't raw yesterday, and Maggie. 

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