Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Glenn had a birthday

As you can see, Glenn's parents came to visit us for Glenn's birthday!  It was on Saturday, and Scott and Terri were here from Friday night to Monday morning.  On his birthday, Glenn and Scott went to the USC football game (USC won, just for Glenn, I'm sure!) which took up most of the day.  But in the morning, we had french toast, and in the evening we went out to dinner at Yang Chow's, a delicious restaurant in Chinatown.

In these pictures, it looks as if we are about to eat this delicious pumpkin cake I made, when in reality, we were all too full from dinner!  We all tried a tiny piece, then wrapped up the cake, and I took it to church the next day.  

Can you believe Glenn is 27 now??  So old!

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