Wednesday, September 19, 2012

'Fu Balls: Tofu success at last!

You may remember that I haven't had much success cooking tofu in the past.  My last attempt was edible, but not great.  However, I have read in a few places recently how good tofu is for kids, because it is so healthy, inexpensive, and kids actually tend to like it.  So I decided to try again, this time armed with another recipe from my favorite cookbook of the moment, Enchanted Broccoli Forest.

The author specifically says that the Tofu-Nut Balls (I know, a horrible name) are a hit with kids, and they looked pretty delicious to me too.  I made them this morning and we had them for lunch.  And guess who loved and chowed down on them (besides me)?  Violet!  So Mollie Katzen was right.  At least my kid seems to like tofu.

I wish I'd taken a more appetizing picture, but here is what I've got:
(Violet was not happy that I took a break from shoveling food into her mouth to take the picture)

You can serve these with tomato sauce over pasta, which I think would be great, but for lunch today I just rolled them around in BBQ sauce, and Violet didn't complain.

They were great because they seriously had the texture of a turkey meatball.  They are basically a mixture of mashed tofu, barley, and ground walnuts.  It made a bunch, so now I have some in the freezer for another meal sometime!

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