Thursday, September 27, 2012

Violet's Friends

We went to the splash park again yesterday (we are trying to go as much as possible before it gets too cold!), this time with all the kids from our ward.  And their moms, of course.  We took the bus downtown together.  Here are all the cuties (besides baby Claire, who is too small to sit on a bench):
Yesterday was a very long day, so I'm glad we got to spend some of it with friends.  Glenn didn't get to see Violet all day, and when he got home at 7:20, I had to leave for my meeting that started at 7:30, so we finally got to see each other at about 8:30.  Anyway, I'm excited for this weekend when we can spend some time as a family!


  1. I love this picture! Ahhhh.... I miss you guys!

    1. We miss you SO much! You have to try to come to book club for October. Also, I think we are going back to Mothers Beach in Marina del Rey on October 3rd, so you and Parker should plan on coming!