Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Violet Sits

As you can see in this picture:
and this one:
Violet sits up now! She LOVES it, but unfortunately is not great at it yet. If fact, as soon as something catches her eye that is not directly in front of her, she usually ends up in this position:
If fact, in church on Sunday we were letting her sit on the floor by our feet, and we were TOTALLy watching her, but she sneakily tipped over and hit her face on the chair. And has a teeny, tiny shiner. She only cried for like one minute and then fell asleep, and hasn't noticed the bruise since, so I'm pretty sure she is fine!


  1. I forgot to comment on her seated position on that last post with the piano, but I totally had that thought- who is holding Violet up? Wow! She's incredible! P.S. the pictures of her flopping over are hilarious.

  2. She's so little, luckily she doesn't have far to fall when she tips over. She is so flexible - wow!

  3. So...I blog stalk you. There. I admitted it. Hopefully you remember me. We were in Alma Ward together for a short time. Then you taught a year at Carson and I was at Kino - I was at Carson several times for network meetings in the PLC room next door to your classroom. Anyway. Had we had more time to get to know each other, I expect we would have been great friends :) Much in common as I read your blog. And what a cutie Violet is! She and Ellie could be friends.

  4. Hi Sara! So cool that I have a blog stalker! Of course I remember you, and I too believe that we would have been great friends had fate awarded us the chance. Maybe someday we'll end up in the same ward again!

  5. That seriously made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. It was so funny. And poor baby, with a black eye... I will see her SO SOON I CAN'T WAIT!