Monday, December 12, 2011

I had a Party

Last Thursday, I had a party! I invited 8 girls from my ward, and it was a cookie exchange. Only one person that invited couldn't make it, and we had such a fun time! I was a little (a lot) nervous to have a party because I'm so new in the ward. But everyone just seemed really happy that there was going to be a party! I should have taken some pictures of every one there, but instead you just get to see the cookies:
Lest you think that someone brought a plate of pretzels and graham crackers as their cookie, I should tell you that that Is what I served with what I made.
Here is what I made:
Chocolate chip cookie dough dip! I have recently looked on Pinterest for the first time, and this is what I saw. I knew it would be perfect for my party, because gave a little variety to the table full of normal cookies. Later, Glenn and I ate it with apples, and that was definitely the best! But the pretzels were amazing too.

It was so fun preparing for this party. I got to use all my pretty things! I have some Christmas plates that I had never used before this party. I put out both my cake plates and two of my pretty pitchers and a table cloth I never use. Basically, the success of this party made me think I should have parties more often!


  1. I think you should have parties more often too!

  2. best. idea. ever. i think you should bring it to our girl's night too!! i want to eat my screen just looking at it.