Monday, December 5, 2011

More Christmas Deco

I love to make paper snowflakes! Like I make them every year. I think maybe next year Violet can help me make them! Or at least be interested when I unfold them and show her how pretty they are.
Our house is looking a little more festive every day!

In other news, I think I found the dress I'm going to wear to Courtney's wedding. I just called J Crew, and they are holding it for me to come try on. Here it is:
I'm going to get it in red though. And I definitely won't look like that girl in it. Also, dresses with pockets are the best!


  1. Afton, those are great snowflakes :)

  2. every dress should have pockets. i'm kinda wondering why i didn't have any on my wedding dress since it was custom made and i'm obsessed. but then again, why would i need pockets in my wedding dress?