Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some Harry Potter Thoughts


1. This weekend on ABC Family they played the Harry Potters movies over and over again. We ended up watching parts of every movie, I think. And they were the extended versions so there were parts I'd never seen before! I was reminded that Hermione was a way better actor in the early movies (in Glenn's words, "so spunky!") and that the sixth movie doesn't follow the book at all. That scene where Ginny and Harry kiss in the Room of Hidden Things? I hate it so much I want to throw something at the TV. However, I enjoyed the earlier movies a lot, and realized I haven't read those first three books in ages. We actually don't even own them! I'm definitely going to need to get those soon and reread them.

2. Pottermore. Is anyone else really excited for it to finally be up and running? And not really understand what it is, but still excited? And wondering what a "beta-user" is and why there are one million of them for Pottermore and I am not one of them?

3. Steven King is smart:
Harry Potter vs. Twilight - Stephen King Quote
4. I really, really want this t-shirt:

5. Oh yeah, one last thing about the movies. In #4, Cedric doesn't really act creepy at all. Why couldn't he act that way in Twilight?


  1. all truth!! though i hate HATE movie number 3 because i feel like that one they got everything sooooooo wrong like not explaining the marauders map etc. makes me cringe! but we do LOVE some Harry Potter and have marathons regularly. so happy you had this post! :)

  2. That is perceptive of Stephen.

  3. Wow - I need that shirt too. ;) Love it! HP6 drives me bananas as well, especially the whole scene when dumbledore dies.