Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bookmans! Bookmans! Bookmans!

One of the things I've missed the most about Arizona is Bookmans. Even finding The Last Bookstore did little to ease the longing. We went to Bookman's yesterday, and it was awesome!

We had lunch:
And although their cafe is smaller than it used to be, they blessedly still serve their heavenly pasta salad. It is SO GOOD!

And I found some books!
I had heard of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and I was so excited when I found it. I've started it, and I love it so far. I will let you know how I like when I'm done. Just in case you are wondering, I did not blur out the title of the DVD because it is x-rated and therefore inappropriate for this blog. It is actually the Christmas present of one of the two avid readers of this blog.

Merry Christmas! I love Arizona!


  1. i know you're going to be so busy seeing family and everything while you're here but we should get together!

  2. Ooh! I wonder what the DVD is! But nice blurring skills anyway. I don't know if I could have done that! I want to read that book now! I bet Kenny would like it too.

  3. Ok, I've got to be one of the most avid readers :)

  4. Erica, We should totally get together! We have three weeks here, so we'll have some down time!

    Mom, you are. So is Courtney.

  5. I'm going to figure out what that dvd is.. I know it's from warner bros, that narrows down my options considerably.

  6. You soo have more than 2 avid readers for your blog:) And I NEED to go to Bookmans!!!!