Monday, November 28, 2011

We're back! - Violet's best friend

We are home! Our trip to Arizona was wonderful. I didn't get close to blogging even once while I was there. Ever since we decided to go home for Thanksgiving, I knew the first thing I was going to do was go visit my cousin Roni and her daughter Davi. Davi is only 3 days younger than Violet! Prepare yourself, these pictures are so cute they are going to break your heart. In this first one, they are holding hands. It was like they remembered each other! They just snuggled right up to each other!
Now, for the cherry on top...
I can't help but smile when I watch that!


  1. i love that they are going to be so close like you & roni... so cool! they are both adorbale! love that 2nd picture where they're giving little smiles.

  2. sooooo cute!!! I can't believe we still haven't met Davi!!