Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Davi and Violet - Part 2

I hope you didn't think yesterdays post was going to be the only one featuring Davi and Violet together! No way, they are back again today for more cuteness.

The most amazing thing happened on Thanksgiving. Davi and Violet came in the SAME dress! We didn't plan it, I promise! We didn't even know they both had this dress! So of course, it was time for another photo shoot.
Afton, Roni & babies
Violet & Davi
Viotlet and Davi
Just so you know, there was another super cute baby at the festivities. Riki's baby, Emma, is just six weeks younger than these two, but somehow we never managed to get a picture of the three of them together!

Also, on Thanksgiving, I never said anything I was thankful for. I guess neither of our families do that at dinner? Anyway, the next morning as soon as Glenn woke up, I made him list of ten things he was thankful for as fast as he could. Then I did the same. Here are ten things I'm thankful for:

1. Violet
2. That Violet is healthy (Glenn thought these first two were the same thing, but they are totally different)
3. Glenn
4. That Glenn is in dental school
5. Our families
6. Our apartment
7. Our car
8. Our school loans
9. My healthy body
10. The gospel

I know, nothing ground-breaking on that list, but this is the time of year you say stuff like that.

I decorated for Christmas! Pictures tomorrow!


  1. I sincerely miss Violet greatly. And those pictures of her and Davi are vedy vedy cute.

  2. cute!! i like that davi is gnawing on violet's shoulder.