Friday, November 11, 2011

Glennstorm's Birthday

The day began well - Happy baby, happy husband!
(That isn't foreshadowing for bad ending to the day. The whole day was good.)
Glenn's parents are in town for the weekend! They came over at about 8:30, and we left for breakfast!
We ate at a delicious place near our apartment. We hadn't tried it before, but it is called "Jacks and Joe - A breakfast all day kind of place". Just the kind of name that entices Glenn. He SUPER loves breakfast food. And this breakfast food was delicious!
You can tell it was good because here is what was left of my sausage, avocado, tomato, spinach, mushroom, cheese omelette. So good.

Glenn had to go to school for a few hours in the afternoon. For dinner, we had his favorite pasta and cake! He gave me specific instructions for his cake: Yellow cake, boston cream between the layers, chocolate frosting. Behold:

Glenn opened presents after breakfast, but I don't have the pictures on my computer yet, so maybe I'll share them later. Glenn says he had a good birthday, and he sure deserves it. He is such a great husband, a good dad, and a hard working student. I love you, Glennstorm!


  1. We like that Violet looks like Hermes in that first picture! She's got wings coming out of her head! Awesome!
    -From Kenny: Glenn's shirt looks like the Hyrule Crest symbol.

  2. Cute pictures - Dad and I extra admired Violet.

  3. In the first picture of Violet it looks she has a laurel wreath on her head. And wings.