Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas is here!

I am totally all about waiting until Thanksgiving is over to start celebrating Christmas. Seriously, Thanksgiving is the best holiday. Very little build up, and then on the actual day, all anyone expects from you is to eat as much as you possibly can!

However, now that Thanksgiving is over, I can get to enjoying the Christmas season! We didn't want to do a bunch of decorating because we are leaving on December 12th for Arizona, and won't actually be here for Christmas. So no tree. But we didn't want to look like total scrooges!

My mom gave me this nativity last year for Christmas, so this is the first year I've gotten to use it! I think it is so pretty.
There is no Joseph, so we have old shepherd man stand by Mary instead. Crazy Catholics.
vi piano
(Don't tell, but I use this wreath year round and just change the ribbon)
Happy start to the Christmas season!

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  1. Ok, Afton - what happened to Joseph? Maybe the old guy is Joseph? How did Violet sit by herself on the piano bench - isn't that kind of dangerous?
    Is that the cutest baby girl in the world peeking out the door?