Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cookies for Two

I read countless food blogs every day, and the other day I saw this post. That's right. A cookie recipe for ONE cookie. For some reason, I love this idea. It seems SO luxurious to make one giant cookie all for yourself. I'm really into selfish things these days.

Also, the picture of the cookies cut in half looked so delicious I could hardly stand it. So I did the right thing and doubled the recipe. It was only fair that Glenn get a giant cookie too. Let me tell you... they were amazing. The consistency was perfect (as good as Romancing the Bean's, mom!). I just used tons of chocolate chips instead of reese's pieces. There isn't a lot of peanut butter in the dough, so they aren't overly peanut buttery (I realize that concept doesn't exist for some people. I'm looking at you, Annie. You can add as much peanut butter as you like).

When I started to form the cookies, I chickened out. Two cookies out of all that dough? I just couldn't do it. So I made three. Before they went in the oven they were the size of baseballs! See:
When they came out, I could tell they were perfect. I'm not sure you can tell just how big they are. They were bigger than my hand.
We each ate one for dessert that night, and then split the third one after lunch the next day. I will definitely be making these again. And I will probably make all of my cookies this big from now on.

P.S. Happy birthday to my main man! Glenn, you are the best husband in the world! I'll report on the birthday festivities tomorrow.


  1. Too much peanut butter? Ha! You're right- for me, that doesn't exist. But it does exist for Kenny, so when I make them, they probably won't be overly peanut buttery. I'm sure they're delicious without it, though! Yum! And happy birthday Glenn!

  2. Ok, Afton, we need the link to that recipe. The cookies look amazing! I have a complaint - the only picture of Violet on that post only had the back of her head. Better pics tomorrow please :)

    And, happy birthday to your 'main man'!

  3. romancing the bean's cookies are SO amazing. can't wait to try this recipe!!!! and i love your mom's complaint about the post. hilar.

    happy {late} birthday glenn!!