Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Weekend with ALL the Grandparents, and my birthday!

To celebrate Violet's birthday with her, my parents and Glenn's parents decided to come visit last weekend!  Glenn's parents got here on Thursday night, and mine came on Friday night.  My birthday was on Friday!  It was so nice to have Glenn's parents with me all day to celebrate!  And to see my parents for the last hour of my birthday! My parents brought a cake with them, so when Glenn and I got home from the Dodgers game that night, my parents had arrived and everyone sang to me and we chowed down on cake!  Of course, earlier that morning I had opened my presents from Glenn.  Hey Glenn, can we stop opening presents first thing in the morning?  So I don't have to post pictures of myself looking like this?
At least I didn't blur my face out this time, am I right? (warning: that link contains a super creepy picture.)

The only reason I felt the need to post that is so that you could see what great presents Glenn got me!  I have seen Sense and Sensibility of course, but not for a long time.  I LOVED watching during VIolet's nap on my birthday, and I'm pretty sure it has now jumped up to the top of my all-time-favorite-movies list. Also, I didn't expect much out of the book Sarah's Quilt, mostly just because it is a sequel (to These Is My Words), but it was SO GOOD.  I loved it about as much as I loved the first book, which was a lot.

And here is the only other picture we took on my birthday.  We had such a good time at the Dodgers game, and it was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday!  

The day after my birthday, we all went to the beach in the morning and had a wonderful time.

That afternoon, we had Violet's birthday BBQ!  We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs at USC, where there are some grills on the quad.  Violet LOVED exploring with her grandparents, and we all had a good time relaxing and talking.  
(My dad manned the grill, and I barely got up from that chair the whole time)

And Violet got to open more presents!

We missed everyone as soon as they were gone on Sunday, but we really only have four more weeks until we'll be driving back to Arizona for a long visit!


  1. First comment! Yay! I love your presents, Afton. I haven't read Sarah's quilt yet, but I've wanted to for awhile now. And my short story about Sense and Sensibility: I once went on a cruise as a single woman and the cruise ship showed movies every afternoon in their theater. Well, one day they were playing Sense and Sensibility and I was the ONLY person who was there to watch it! I would talk out loud in this big theater and no one was there to witness it.
    Happy birthday! Ps was the cake amazing? I want a cake from Luann.

  2. Annie, when you are in Arizona we'll jave a belated bday party for you and I am sure Louann will make a cake for you:)

  3. Happy birthday! Oh my how fun! I LOVE Sense & Sensibility! So good. And so quotable. ;)

    I can't believe how big violet's gotten since I've been on here. And wow, can we talk about her swimsuit for a second? So adorable. If only I could find its adult equal.